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  • Classification: horn
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    • Carved horn figure

    • Carved water buffalo horn figure of Liu Hai with frog. Color is a reddish-brown. Transparent when put in front of a light. Liu Hai seems to be pulling something from the frog's throat. Wooden base has four legs and a space has been left which...
    • Water buffalo horn, wood
    • Carved horn figure

    • Carved water buffalo horn of a man holding a peach in his one hand and a peach branch in his other which is also resting over his shoulder. There is a Chinese character on his clothing. Figure forms an unusual concave quality. Color is reddish...
    • Water buffalo horn, wood
    • Female figure carved horn

    • This is a carved water buffalo horn of a female figure riding a monster above stylized clouds. The figure is wearing a headdress and carrying an object in each of her hands. The color is a reddish-brown which becomes transparent when placed in...
    • Water buffalo horn, wood
    • Carved horn immortal figure

    • Carved water buffalo horn of an immortal holding a staff. The immortal has a beard and is holding a tall staff. Color is a reddish brown that becomes somewhat transparent when placed in front of a light. Wooden base is made of a lighter wood and...
    • Water buffalo horn, wood
    • Carved horn figure

    • This smallish carved horn figure represents a hunting dog or greyhound. The dog plays a dual role in Chinese culture as both a hero and villain, a guardian and scavenger. Notice the long nose and ears on this animal. Those and the slender tail help...
    • horn (water buffalo)
    • Carved horn figure

    • This is a small carved horn figurine of a lion. The lion is commonly referred to as the Buddhist lion or the Fo-dog; the lion is not native to China and was brought in the art of the Buddhists to China. Notice the detail around the neck which...
    • Horn (water buffalo)
    • Guanyin carved horn

    • This carved horn object represents Guanyin sitting on a lotus throne. The deity has a Buddha crown on her head, usually a dead giveaway. Her hairstyle is typical of the goddess of mercy. She holds a scroll in her left hand and her right foot is...
    • Horn (water buffalo)
    • Guanyin carved horn

    • This object is made from the horn of a water buffalo, which is a beautiful red color. It represents a mounted figure who is Guanyin. She is a female Buddhist deity. She rides a Hou, or Buddhist lion, symbol of energy and valor, which carries...
    • Horn (water buffalo)
    • Feng Huang carved horn

    • This horn carving is of the famous Feng Huang, which is known to westerners as the Phoenix. Notice the long tail feathers and distinctive head shape. This bird is considered the head of the feathered kingdom in Chinese culture. It is considered...
    • Horn (water buffalo)
    • Libation vessel

    • This very enigmatic object combines both Western and Chinese influences. It consists of a large, carved rhinoceros horn libation vessel with detail in relief on both the exterior and the interior. The iconography of this detail is very interesting...
    • Horn (rhinoceros)
    • Carved horn figure

    • This horn carving represents the ancient Chinese personage of Hwang Ch'u-p'ing. He was a 4th century figure who, at the age of 15, took a herd of goats into the mountains and lived in a cave. He meditated for 40 years and the goats turned to stone....
    • horn (water buffalo)
    • Carved horn cup

    • This carved rhinoceros horn cup contains motifs which represent the divine realm. We notice on the foot and the lip of the cup a cloud and thunder pattern. This particular pattern is symbolic of otherworldly realms and also good fortune. The...
    • horn
    • Carved Rhinoceros Horn Cup with Recumbent Horse

    • This object is a carved rhinoceros horn cup which is attached to a carved wooden stand. Notice how the cup curves with the shape of the horn. It is obvious how the horn was hollowed out to produce the cup. The detail of the cup contains a figure...
    • Horn (Rhinoceros)
    • Carved Rhinoceros Horn Cup with Dragon Handle

    • This carved rhinoceros horn cup was probably produced for ceremonial purposes as suggested by the magical healing powers of the horn in Chinese culture. The cup is decorated with auspicious animals. These include what looks like a horse or unicorn...
    • Horn (Rhinoceros)
    • Wen Shu Shih-Li P'usa or Manjushri Bodhisattva

    • This is a carving of the Manjushri Bodhisattva, the Bodhisattva of Great Wisdom (or Wen Shu Shih-Li P'usa in Chinese). "Manju" means gentle; "shri" means glory and merit. Manjushri Bodhisattva is the embodiment of great wisdom (Sanskrit language:...
    • Water buffalo horn, hollow, dyed red


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